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Metal_soul 5/30/2015 3:23 PM
Whats wrong with this web page? I never loads up anymore...
TempestAlphaOmega 5/28/2015 6:35 PM
and we are back
Metal_soul 5/24/2015 9:20 PM
No worries shap-see you Monday
TempestAlphaOmega 5/24/2015 9:10 PM
last minute thing will not be on tonight
kitttycat 5/23/2015 8:00 PM
Thank you holy I miss you guys!!!
Metal_soul 5/22/2015 7:08 PM
I WILL be playing this evening-see you than if you are online...
OhNooo 5/22/2015 1:47 PM
Sorry to hear about Cinnamon Cat :( I hope you feel better. CYA all after the holiday.
kitttycat 5/21/2015 6:49 PM
Thanks shat I'll be on tonight Shelly dragged me to the ER kicking and screaming and they did X-rays and found I sprang end my ankle and some ligaments. I'm wearing a knee and ankle brace I'm walking with a walker and I can play tonight. Cya tonight guys!!!
TempestAlphaOmega 5/20/2015 5:08 PM
Sorry to hear about Cinnamon Kat.
kitttycat 5/20/2015 2:05 PM
Sorry I wasn't on last night shat, cinnamon got sick again. She passed away today. R.I. P cinnamon :(
TempestAlphaOmega 5/18/2015 5:19 PM
Game has been down since 3 AM for maintenance. Was supposed to be back at 12 noon. Still not up and they are saying no ETA at this time.
Metal_soul 5/16/2015 8:57 PM
Not very happy with the Warlock news...just means another life...(@#^#$$%^)
kitttycat 5/6/2015 11:48 AM
I miss you too storm!!!! Love you!!!
TempestAlphaOmega 5/5/2015 8:45 PM
Find enjoyment where you can. If something positive has developed then follow it.
Stormanne 5/5/2015 7:55 PM
Unexpected break. Certain positive changes in my personal life have made my time a bit more constricted. Miss you guys!
Metal_soul 5/5/2015 9:24 AM
Knocked that chain of quests right out of the park gang! 1st time for me. Well played!
Metal_soul 5/4/2015 7:38 AM
Roger Doger Shap. I will wait for level 20 to take it. :D
kitttycat 5/3/2015 9:00 PM
Uncle bob says it's safe now I'm logging in!!
kitttycat 5/3/2015 8:01 PM
The warning is over at 7:30 my time so about 8 pm I'll see what it's like I might be able to play I'll keep you posted
kitttycat 5/3/2015 7:48 PM
Can't play tonight we are having a very severe thunderstorm!!! EEK!,,
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WARLOCKS - First Look

TempestAlphaOmega, May 15, 15 6:48 PM.
DEVs have made the first look at the up coming Warlock class available.  It' s an early look so things will change but it gives you an idea where they are headed.

Vargouille posted:  We're happy to introduce Warlocks, coming soon to DDO! These eldritch casters form pacts with powerful beings, seeking out rare and often forbidden knowledge. They deal large amounts of damage with their Eldritch Blast, and back that damage up with a variety of buff, control, and utility abilities.

Warlock design draws from a variety of pen and paper editions, but primarily 3.5 and 5th edition. Unlike Sorcerers or Wizards, damage comes primarily through Eldritch Blast, rather than frequently casting damaging spells or SLAs. They choose a Pact at level 1 through a feat, which alters their Eldritch Blast and determines certain class feats that are granted as more Warlock levels are gained.

Reminder this is a fairly early preview and things are subject to change. Abilities may move between feats and enhancements, or alter to accommodate what's changed elsewhere, etc.

For the full post with actual class details go to:!


So you want to get mimic motes the fastest way possible?

TempestAlphaOmega, Mar 1, 15 10:11 AM.
Then run the level 4 quest (part of the Sharn series) called The Stormreaver Fresco.  The quest will give you about 40 chests per run (safe deposit boxes count as chests for the mimic event) so long as you can unlock them.  This means you need a Rogue, Artificer, Wizard, Sorc or someone who can UMD an unlock scroll (very low UMD).  Wiz/Sorc probably have the fastest unlock time (casting animation is slightly faster than the pick lock animation).  You will be attacked by iron defenders but quest difficulty level does not seem to matter.  In addition it does not seem to matter if you are over level for the quest.

I run a level 28 rogue (multi class) through it in about 6 minutes a run on normal setting.  I open all the safe deposit boxes and go to the hidden vault (the are three more chests there and you don't need to pick them).  Average 5 motes per run.

If you get lucky a mimic frenzy will occur and then every chest you open gets you a mote.  The frenzy last 15 minutes so you can get two full runs in during that time.

I don't bother with the final chest out in the guard area nor do I finish the quest, just recall out after going into the hidden vault and re-enter the quest (it resets automatically for some reason).  If you finish it you have to run across the market place to re-take it.

I have not been able to come up with a faster method for mote collection.

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