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kitttycat 8/22/2015 8:38 PM
I won't be on tonight either really bad storms here
kitttycat 8/22/2015 8:37 PM
Praying for your family holy!!
TempestAlphaOmega 8/22/2015 8:09 PM
sorry wont be on tonight
TempestAlphaOmega 8/22/2015 1:53 PM
Good to hear from you, hope you told your dad that headbutting trees is a young man's passtime.
OhNooo 8/22/2015 12:36 PM
Dad fell again. This time face first into a Plum tree. He is ok just all scratched up. Don't think I will be online anytime soon. I have to change the dressings everyday after work. Old skin is really thin and heals slowly. He looks likehe went 10 rounds with Tyson :)
Metal_soul 8/21/2015 9:18 PM
WTH? Our Guild is gone...
TempestAlphaOmega 8/21/2015 9:14 PM
Bonus XP Weekend, 10% bonus to Base Quest XP for each party member over the first.
Metal_soul 8/21/2015 8:49 PM
8 will be about 10 minutes late for game tonight. see you in game.
kitttycat 8/21/2015 8:40 PM
I got to use a fancy treadmill too hehe
kitttycat 8/21/2015 9:42 AM
I had mozzarella sticks a burger and fries I'm a cheap date lol now I'm swimming or at least attempting too lol thank god I have dogs so I can at least do the dog paddle lol!!! I'll be on tonight if the game isn't boogered!!
Metal_soul 8/21/2015 8:00 AM
Sounds like fun Cat! I love that Fajita Chicken Wrap at AppleB's.
kitttycat 8/20/2015 11:08 PM
It's ok. Uncle bob gave me a break sent me to a hotel I went swimming and I'm eating at Applebee's gonna stay up late and watch tv have a brunch breakfast in the morning and go swimming again the pool is like bath water I'm having the time of my life woohoo!!!!
TempestAlphaOmega 8/20/2015 9:07 PM
There was a general comment on the boards by a Dev at 9 PM EST and he didn't say anything about the game coming up soon. I bet its going to be another hour or so. See you tomorrow.
kitttycat 8/20/2015 8:58 PM
I'm having trouble too :(
Metal_soul 8/20/2015 8:41 PM
Game wont log on-8;45 pm-will check back in 15...
TempestAlphaOmega 8/20/2015 7:53 PM
Now they are saying 9 PM to 10 PM is a possibility as they ran into problems.
TempestAlphaOmega 8/20/2015 6:41 PM
That was EST
TempestAlphaOmega 8/20/2015 6:40 PM
Big problem with update today, it wiped all tomes from toons. They took it down to roll back. Last est is to return 8 PMish tonight.
kitttycat 8/13/2015 9:03 PM
I'm running late but I will be on in about 10 minutes sorry
kitttycat 8/13/2015 9:19 AM
It was funnier when metal blew himself up hehehe
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TempestAlphaOmega, Aug 8, 15 8:42 PM.
Severlin; U28 will have more end game dungeons as Harry strikes back for some sweet vengeance, and U29 will allow you to progress to level 30 and work on end game loot through an updated epic Greensteel system.

Cordovan; The Update 28 adventure pack will continue the story of Arraetrikos and the war among the Demons, Devils, and Archons. Update 29 will include Epic Shroud along with a new adventure pack set in that area. Just to reiterate, we are not doing epic versions of Rainbow in the Dark, Running with the Devils, etc. That's always been the plan (to do Epic Shroud along with a new Epic level adventure pack.) So, depending on how you intended to define it, "EVale" remains in Update 29, although it was never planned to include updated epic versions of the current quests in the Vale of Twilight.


Update 27

TempestAlphaOmega, Jul 27, 15 12:40 PM. update 27release notes

Key Items:

  • Three new quests and a new raid in Shavarath (Heroic level 13 / Epic level 30)
  • Crafting stations will pull items from your Shared Bank: Crafting Storage if available
  • Hireling AI changes to help them behave better
  • XP changes outlined in the news article below
  • Bug fixes
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